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NSFW unless you work in porn.
This obviously means that this is a 18+ page.

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See why he, his tightly chiseled body and huge flagpole are worthy of such praise, and over 17,666 likes and reblogs.


A friend has said:
There is too long for vag.
There is too thick for anal.
There is too thick, then too long for oral.

I'm on the search for guys that meet all of these , I've been with some HUGE guys and never disappointed them...
I'm the BITCH!


One of my favorite actors to watch at is Jared Leto, not just because he is good looking and has a great body, but because of the rumors of his huge cock. Now those rumors seem to have been substantiated with a leaked photo, taken by friend and photographer Terry Richardson…



AsThis link is a Public Service Announcement, showing the diference between giant uncut schlong (left) and cut dong (right) horse cocks:

serving as a penile anatomy lesson, showing that what makes the male anatomy correct has it's own anatomy.


Bigger Longer and Uncut is best when not talking about a cartoon movie, but instead a massive and awe inspiring porn star schlongs.
Some of my favorite uncut porn stars are:
Voodoo - twitter Y-group

Ian Scott - twitter facebook Y-group

Michael Berk Antonin Devos - retired Y-group

Anton Adamos - retired Y-group

Christopher Smeyt - retired twitter facebook

Steffen H Peter/Steffen Berlin - facebook modelmayhem

Bel Gris - twitter facebook

Ray Luis Rafael Escobar - retired modelmayhem

Keiran Lee - twitter facebook

Clover - twitter

Danny D Matt Hughes - twitter facebook

Jack Mason - retired twitter modelmayhem

Marc Rose - twitter facebook

Simon Dexter Simon Czaplinksi - retired twitter facebook modelmayhem

Ben English - retired facebook

Maxxx Will House Magnum Man - facebook modelmayhem

Andy Mann - twitter Facebook

Eriksen Edic, Eric Hard, Erick Lewis

Alex Jones twitter modelmayhem

Dima Dorian, Nick -- Does he use a last name?

Denis Reed Pavel Matous, Sven Capsson, Ian Voight

Oliver Strelly Ben Huller - twitter Facebook
Timo Hardy Dave Moore - twitter facebook
    Oliver Strelly and Timo Hardy are real brothers.

Markus Dupree - twitter

Rafa Garcia - twitter facebook
Dinio Garcia - facebook
    Rafa and Dinia Garcia are twin brothers.

Nacho Vidal - twitter facebook

Danny Mountain - facebook

Mike Angelo - twitter facebook Y-group

Gary Boldiszar - retired Y-group

Frank Major Franco Terenzi - retired Y-group

Kai Taylor - retired twitter facebook

Clemens Clemens Müller, James Lewis - retired Y-group

Mick Blue - twitter facebook

Marco Banderas - twitter facebook

Jerry Jerry Kovach, Jerry Kovacs - retired Y-group

Joey Murphy - retired Y-group

Danny Wylde - retired twitter facebook

Mr. Pete - twitter

Karlo Karrera Carlo Carrera - twitter facebook

George Reno - retired Y-group

Csoky Ice Choky Ice - Y-group

Anthony Rosano - retired Y-group

My favorite endowed cut fuck studs include:

Chris Strokes Criss Strokes - twitter facebook Y-group

Scott Nails - retired twitter Y-group

Bruce Venture - twitter facebook tumblr

Domenic Kane - twitter facebook

Austin FlagPole - future fuck stud twitter tumblr facebook

Johnny Sins - twitter Y-group

Van Wylde - twitter

Jessy Jones - twitter facebook

Jack Lawrence - retired twitter facebook site

Bill Bailey - twitter facebook

Richie Black Cody Sky - twitter facebook modelmayhem

Billy Hart Kevin Crows - retired twitter tumblr

James Deen - twitter facebook blog


Some of my favorite endowed models, who haven't yet done porn, though they should, are:

Simon King Carl - modelmayhem


Wykyng Dwight Brown - modelmayhem


Czyz Otto - retired modelmayhem


Jamie Dominic Dylan Ryan - twitter facebook modelmayhem He has done amateur cam porn.


Tom Stapledon - facebook modelmayhem

    Jamie Dominic and Tom Stapledon are cousins.


Some of my favorite famously endowed athletes are:
Moise Santamaria kickboxer - retired Y-group


Sean "Piece" Lamont rugby - facebook Y-group


Rory "Tripod" Lamont rugby - retired twitter facebook Y-group

    Sean Lamont and Rory Lamont are brothers.

Alexandre Despatie diver - twitter facebook Y-group


Michael Ballack soccer - retired facebook


George Burgess rugby - facebook twitter

George has an identical twin brother, Thomas; plus two more gorgeous rugby playing brothers, Sam and Luke.

Andrew Zollner nationally ranked pole vaulter


Tim Oakes amateur rugby, full time showoff



Besides Jared Leto, some of my favorite actors and musicians, who are more then suitibly endowed to do porn, are:

Michael Fassbender


Rupert Penry-Jones


Ian Somerhalder


Danny Dryer


Jared Padalecki


Jensen Ackles


Warren Cuccurullo


M Shadows Matt Saunders


John McLaren can anyone confirm his name?!?!?



If you hadn't guessed, I am an INTACTivist.
Every human should be an intactivist, not being one is cruel. Forced circumcision of infants/children is wrong, regardless of gender. There is no difference between Female Genital Mutilation and Male Genital Mutilation, saying there is a difference is a sign of willful ignorance. Lets not forget why the English and Americans started circumcising boys, not for any alleged health reasons, but circumcision was supposed to cure masturbation and stop the spilling of seed (sperm was then wrongly thought to be limited AND contain a microscopic human). Just like female circumcision (labiotomy aka female genital mutilation/cutting) is meant to desexualize females and make sex less pleasurable for the altered female.


Who is this gorgeous and amazingly endowed guy?




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AKA thetrueflagpole, flagpoleforyou, flagpole31, flagpole331, cougarcock

Johnny Sins @JohnnySins has always been gorgeous!


#tbt high school prom! Rocking that long hair, 1996.


Michael Hoffman at his best!

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This guy has a lot of everything that is great about guys.

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